The Magic of Colors … Yellow

Somehow we don’t have to talk about yellow.

Everybody knows the color of the sunshine.

And most people are attracted by it somehow.


H 56° L 93 R 255 C 0 Hexa#
S 100% a –5 G 236 M 0 ffec00
B 100% b 104 B 0 Y 100
K 0

Yellow, the third process color of the printing inks, is a very warm, a very intensive color.

Yellow is a color with a wide signal effect since it stimulates the eyes the very moment it is touched by light.

We connect yellow with brightness and joy.

Yellow is connected with life.

Some names are: sun-yellow, egg yolk, lemon, sunflower, golden-yellow.

Many flowers in summer bloom in yellow varieties, e.g. Rapeseed, Goldenrod, Sunflowers,

But yellow has also some negative attributes.

In Germany we think enviousness is associated with yellow, or cowardice.

A football player, who has to face the yellow card, knows he should better be careful.

We call the tabloids the yellow press.

When paper ages it turns yellow.

A famous song by the Beatles is called  “Yellow submarine”. I love that song.

It is a very lighthearted song.

Many political parties that are connected with liberalism like the Libertarians in the USA or the FDP in Germany have chosen yellow as their color.


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