The Magic of Colors … White

The color of the bride.

Pure light and nothing else.


H L 100 R 255 C 0 Hexa#
S 0% a 0 G 255 M 0 ffffff
B 100% b 0 B 255 Y 0
K 0

How to print it?

Usually it is not printed.

When printing on a white sheet, you will usually leave anything that needs to be printed in white, with no color, or paper.

If you are going to print on a color paper, you need an additional color, a special color: white.

White is connected with purity. That’s why the majority of brides usually wear white dresses.

It symbolizes the virginity of the bride (if it is true or not).

White is also associated with innocence.

Any spot will ruin the purity, the innocence.

Black and white are strong contrasts. They are the yin and yang of colors.

Usually we print texts with a black font on white paper, so people can read it easily.

In nature we see white snow, white milk, some clouds are white.


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