The Magic of Colors … Blue

We are leaving the field of pure, unmixed process colors.

Even if the process colors have been unmixed, we have learned that colors are always mixed in a certain way, depending which color model you are using.

We are leaving the field of being able name the color in a specific way.

Mixed colors are named in a very subjective way.


H 233° L 21 R 34 C 100 Hexa#
S 73% a 22 G 45 M 100 222d80
B 50% b –54 B 128 Y 0
K 0

Most people would call this color mixed of cyan and magenta simply blue.

I would call it a very strong blue, dark blue.

Maybe we can call this special blue a kind of warm blue, since we have same amount of cyan and magenta in it, or when looking at the RGB values, there is not much but 13% of red in it.

Big companies often use blue.

Blue is used to express seriousness.  Blue is the color of trust.

Blue is also a color that is associated with melancholia.

“I’ve got the blues.”


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