The Magic of Colors … Green


It is getting warmer, yellow is involved.

There are so many shades of green in nature, that’s really incredible.

The green of forests is different to the green of meadows.

The first green in springs appears light and shiny, and is not comparable to the one of dusty leaves in late July or the green leaves of our Christmas trees.

I have to admit green is one of my favorite colors, not the only one.



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Green is the color of nature, the color of life.

Green leaves contain chlorophyll and produce oxygen via photosynthesis. Without this no life would be possible on this planet.

The English word “green” is related to the Old English verb growan, which means “to grow”.

Green is related to hope, to generosity, to security, to happiness.

Everybody is happy when spring shows its first green buds. We know that life will go on, winter is over and the seed for new life is there, which also means harvest in fall.

Green is also connected with the green fruits, which are not yet suitable to eat.

So sometimes young or inexperienced people are greenhorn.

Green is also associated with poison. Green fruits could make you ill.

They say that green is a soothing color, and so some classrooms are colored green.


Several religions honor the color green. Christians connect green with the resurrection of Jesus on Easter. Maybe it is also a connection with the old pagan spring festivals, the beginning of new life.

Many flags of Islamic cultures are green. They say that Mohammad loved to be dressed in green.






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6 thoughts on “The Magic of Colors … Green

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  5. Well, well – that is so interesting to read about the origin of the word ‘green’. In hindsight it is not so surprising – but it is satisfying.

    Green is lovely, and there are so many tints and shades apart from the pure colour values, and I love the way it ranges from the cold of the blues to the warm of the yellows.

    • thanks david
      yes i think the origins of words are pretty interesting
      the german word for “green” is “grün” and the pronouncation is pretty similar and i guess the origin is also similar!

      i love green, it is so calming, one of my favorite greens it the first tender green of the new leaves in may. much yellow inside 🙂

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