The Magic of Colors … Blue-Green

Is it blue?

Is it green?


H 177° L 52 R 0 C 100 Hexa#
S 100% a -64 G 149 M 0 00958e
B 59% b -12 B 142 Y 50
K 0

A bit difficult to name this color.

What do you think?

Which name is suitable?

A color at the edge of blue, of cyan.

A very cold color, a shade of green.

Can be refreshing on a hot summer day.

Maybe it is a splash of water?

Where would I use such a color, since I am a huge fan of warm colors?

Probably for a swimming pool company? Or a sports club?

I think it should be connected with water somehow.




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2 thoughts on “The Magic of Colors … Blue-Green

  1. The word that came to my mind is “Laguna”. – Like in the Perfume by Salvador Dali 🙂 It’s sea blue but not like a big sea but a small, peaceful sea (can a sea be small? lol), beach somewhere warm. In the Caribbean. Yes, it would suit to a swimming pool company 🙂

    • yes you are right armi – laguna is perfect!
      and it reminds me of the little lagunes of the caribbean – as they show them on tv 🙂

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