The Magic of Colors … Turquoise-Blue

Although we said, that pure cyan can be called turquoise too, this color can also be called turquoise.


H 190° L 55 R 0 C 100 Hexa#
S 100% a –54 G 153 M 0 0099b7
B 72% b –33 B 183 Y 25
K 0

There is just a little shade of yellow inside, 25%. Just enough yellow to take away the pure coldness of pure cyan, just enough to have a little bit of warmness in this color.

When you look at the RGB-values, you see that there is no red involved.

But the values of blue and green, although different, they are very close together.

Turquoise has a wide range of different tones in webdesign.

There is a tone which is called just turquoise, really very close to our 100% cyan.

Others like our turquoise-blue have a tiny little bit of yellow.

Then there is a medium-turquoise, which contains a bit more yellow and there are turquoise shades, which have more green than blue in them.

Yes turquoise is also the color of that very germ. But you can find its shade in certain kind of waters.

Some nurses wear turquoise shaded uniforms, due to the calming nature of the color.



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