The Magic of Colors … Purple

Most people will regard this color as being female. It is a very intensive color.

Some think this color should be called violet, others think it is:





H 273° L 27 R 86 C 75 Hexa#
S 69% a 41 G 38 M100 56267d
B 49% b -41 B 125 Y 0  
      K 0  


I think it is purple.

Purple comes, as all colors, in different shades. We will see some of them when we will reduce the value of cyan tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


The origin of the word purple is the Old English word “Purpul” which has its origin in Latin “Purpura”. In German it is called “Purpur”.


The origin of the very color has been the purple murex.

And the real color of purple used to be the most expensive color in the world.

No wonder that purple was used for Kings.

In ancient Rome the togas of the senators have been colored purple.

The cardinals of the Catholic Church wear purple robes, although today this purple  is more a glowing red.


Purple stands for creativity, for dignity, spirituality.

It is a somewhat mystical color.

In politics it stands for women’s liberation.

When I was in college and a girl was wearing something purple, they used to say: “Last try!”

What ever …




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