The Magic of Colors … Dark Violet

A color that represents the harmony of universe in Chinese painting because of the nearly similar parts of Red and Blue – yin and yang:


Dark Violet



H 302° L 34 R 126 C 50 Hexa#
S 81% a 58 G 24 M 100 7e187a
B 49% b -27 B 122 Y 0  
      K 0  


A color which we also find quite often in nature.

Or didn’t a violet run through your mind, the lovely little plant with the heart shaped leaves?

Some crocuses are colored in this tone too.


Interestingly they use to wrap chocolate in a kind of dark violet paper in the UK. This should express a kind of luxury, due to a connection to royal purple.


Violet is a symbol of change, a symbol of transition.

So the Catholic Church use violet as a liturgical color in Advent or in Lent.



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