The Magic of Colors … Fuchsia

This color with its vivid redish, pinkish shade is named after the plant:





H 315° L 41 R 161 C 25 Hexa#
S 100% a 71 G 0 M 100 a10078
B 63% b -14 B 120 Y 0  
      K 0  


A very magenta color with a slight shade of cyan in it or a redish color, which contains some blue.


A very extravagant color, maybe a bit arrogant?

Some people might think so.

© Catlovers @pixelio.de

It is a color you have to recognize, and despite the plant, which doesn’t like the bright sunlight, this color is for bright sunlight. A color, that jumps into the eye. You will definitely be seen while wearing a dress in fuchsia.




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4 thoughts on “The Magic of Colors … Fuchsia

  1. Wow, what a great idea to take colors from nature. I love all the colors in that flower: The green, the red and the lila.🙂 BTW, I use a tool called Ade’s Color Picker to point anywhere in the screen to get color codes. I just had to try it on the flower. Heres what it gave: Green 5B826F, Red E93670, lila C368E9 🙂

    • when i looked for a suitable photo of this plant i learned that you can get it as well in shades of red and white🙂
      also very lovely
      have to look for that colorpicker – thanks for the hin armi🙂

  2. Such a beautiful color. One of my daughter’s favorite and I have to say this picture is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

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