The Magic of Colors … Red

What a brilliant and glowing color!

The color that we usually connect with fire. So fire brigades are usually painted





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Red is a very strong color and a warm color. A color that stands for energy and live!


The word red comes from the Old English word read. It can be traced to a Proto-European root reudh, and in Sanskrit the word ruhdira means red or blood.

The German word is rot.


Red is a color that stands for passion, for love, heat, but also for aggression or danger.

When a person is aggressive the Germans connect heated blood with this person.


Red stands for Stop.

You are not allowed to drive when the traffic light shows red.

A stop sign is colored red. Red catches people’s attention. It is a color that makes them to become aware.

The back lights of a car are red and so are the brace lights.


Red is the color that symbolizes scarification. The Church celebrates the feasts of martyrs with red robes.


In politics red is connected with socialism. The German SPD  (Social Democratic Party) is called “The Red”. The flag of socialistic China is red too.

In Middle-Ages red was only allowed for high officials.  As purple red was expensive.


Some companies use this color as their corporate ID color.

We all know the logo of Coca-Cola.


And I bet you all know why Santa Claus wears a red suit?




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