A Range of Colors

I like to work with duotone pictures.

They have that certain touch. And I can influence that touch on my own.

How to do it?

Take any picture you like.

I took a picture I made in 2005 while being in Vienna.

It shows part of the garden of Castle Schönbrun.

A lovely view through a gate into the garden.

First I desaturated the color picture, this means taking all the color out of it, so we will get a grayscale picture.

Photoshop has its tools for that.

Now comes the fun, first I worked with the so called “Duotone”-function of Photoshop.

You can add any color with that tool. I tried to find one that looks like these old Sepia-color – yellowed.

Another way to deal with the matter is to create two levels in your image processing program. One level for the grayscale picture and the other one for the color.

Chose any color you like and color the whole level with it.

Than blend the color level into the grayscale – I used the blend-effect “Multiply” and I just took 50% of the color.

Here are the results with

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Orange

– and here we got
Blue, Green, Red, Purple

Same picture, but so many different impressions.

Me likes the one with blue and the red overlay best.

Which is your favorite?


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2 thoughts on “A Range of Colors

  1. I like the sepia toned photo.
    such an interesting blog, so much information about color

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