Blogging Challenge – a Resumee

January I spend on a blogging challenge.

I did the same challenge in October 2011.

It is kind of fun but also work, hard work sometimes.

The hardest stuff is to motivate oneself.

I usually try to follow a blogging schedule. I try to plan some stuff in advance.

It worked quite well this time – until last Friday. I am still on my little color series.

Thought it might be pretty clever to do the same stuff with a different hero in it.

People seem to be more interested in Batman than in turquoise and purple.

Anyway – most time it is fun.

You meet new people, you read new blogs, you interact and communicate with these people.

At least it is meant to be this way.

What did the blog boost boost for me?

This time not that much as in October.

Yes I am a bit disappointed.

But no matter what happens – I guess I will take part next time too.

It is more fun than work.

And tomorrow we will proceed with the colors 🙂


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