11 Golden Rules for Online Communication

Today I had an email communication, which was not very pleasant.

I am still pondering about it. It has poisoned my mind somehow.

Some mates would tell me that it is not worthwhile pondering and being depressed, since it is only an “online communication”.

Is it so?

An online communication is as real as an offline communication.

And it should follow some rules too.

  1. Respond to an email or private message.
  2. Try to solve the problem by talking about it.
  3. Set emoticons properly. It is the only way to show that you are smiling or being sad.
  4. Don’t mix a sad message with a happy face – your email partner will get confused.
  5. Don’t be rude or offensive.
  6. Be respectful and polite.
  7. Take the other person serious!
  8. Keep in mind that you are talking to a real person, a living human with feelings and troubles.
  9. Keep also in mind that person on the other end might have a bad day.

For business communication:

  1. Try to create a win-win situation even on minor subjects. Even if the person is not your customer, a tricky and unpleasant email-interaction might ruin your business due to word-of-mouth-advertising.
  2. A successful mail interaction might bring you a new customer.
  3. And keep in mind that your email-partner might not write in hi mother tongue.

How do you think about online communication?

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4 thoughts on “11 Golden Rules for Online Communication

  1. Something I have always done is, if an email upsets me, I write my response but save it in drafts. Then I go back later and edit. The time away helps me think clearer and not respond with anger.

  2. Email communication can be sticky! But it’s very true that our attitude and communication skills in email can be what makes the difference in winning and keeping a client. So important.

    • 100 % agreed – to me it s one of the most important things – actually communication is the key!
      tricky stuff even more tricky when it comes to emails
      thanks for stopping by michelle

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