Sharing and caring – what Web 2.0 is about

What is it about?

Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, dig, tumblr, google+ …

… user generated content.

That’s what we call Social Media these days.

People get connected.

The monolog of few becomes a dialog of many.

Small business, big companies, freelancer, single people started to use the web and social media to promote themselves.

What is the key to all this?

The major point of social media and social media marketing?

People set focus on being social.

That does not only mean to share pictures, somewhat private pictures, not only the smart one with the business tie on.

But you also share stories of your life … the day Santa brought you the wonderful doll or the moment when your baby boy was born …

You try to help people, sharing links, handing out information, giving advices.

Being social!

But the major key in being social is:


Communication, the stuff that makes humans human.

It is important for our surviving and it is important for social media marketing.

Without communication we are nothing, nothing in offline life and nothing in online life.


Building up a network, a community?
Forget about that, if you are not able to communicate!

Communication – a word originated from Latin communicare, which means “to share, to partake, to unify”.

Communication, the most social aspect in human life.

It is more than talking, or getting the message through.

To communicate in the best way you have to be able to listen.

Listen to what people are saying and most of all, understand what people are saying.

Allow people to share their thoughts and feelings with you, allow them to partake with you and your life and form a united network by doing so.

Than you are  social and a true hero of social media.

What does Social Media mean to you?

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