Social Media Chucks


Did I ever tell you that I love Chucks?
Those wonderful lovely canvas sneakers which go as high as the ankle?
You can have them in adorable colors, I proudly own about 10 pairs so far, and adding more and more each summer.

When I thought about Connect-with-me-buttons, I first thought about something with oranges, but it doesn’t work that well in facebook-blue or twitter-cyan.

Second – and best thought – why not following my second addiction: chucks.

Today I have designed some lovely social media chucks.

I have to tell you: they are all mine!
If you like them and you think you would love to have some exclusive and extraordinary social media buttons just for you and your business, give me a shout – the orange chuck on the right side is the shout button aka drop me a line :).

Try the buttons: connect with me on facebook, twitter, linkedin or drop me a mail.

A big thank you to Michelle Shaeffer to show me how to make the shoes run.



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8 thoughts on “Social Media Chucks

  1. These are adorable!

  2. These are brilliant Helen, what a great idea.
    Hope you having a good week.

  3. Hmm. The shoes only run if you supply them with people power, Helen!!!!

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