Women’s Carnival Day

It is the season.
We call it FIFTH season – Carnival.
It begins November 11th, and ends with Ash-Wednesday.

Most important days of the holiday started today.

Today we celebrate “Women’s Carnival Day”

This is the first day of so called “street carnival” when we are going to enjoy to dress up, go outside, watch carnival parades (on carnival’s Monday), drink and kiss (and maybe more …).
A tradition of “Women’s Carnival” is to cut of men’s ties.
We don’t like it too formal 😉 , it is supposed to be a symbol of “cutting of male power”.


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6 thoughts on “Women’s Carnival Day

  1. Looks like fun! I can think of a few mens ties I’d like to cut 🙂

  2. Like the tie cutting u-tube clip!
    Sounds like fun times there. Hope you enjoy the carnival.

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