Alaaf and Helau – Carnival, Carnival …


And the party goes on.

Today is “Rosenmontag” – Carnival’s Monday.

Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mainz … and other places in the Rhineland are out of work and in the streets.



Watching carnival’s parades, being part of carnival’s parades, celebrating the most important season for them.

In Germany people think of carnival as 5th season: spring – summer – fall – winter – carnival.

We all know “Am Aschermittwoch ist alles vorbei” … “At Ash Wednesday everything will be over”.

What will be over? The good life, since lent is just around the corner.

Carnival – carne vale … bye bye meat.

So lets celebrate life one more time.

Lets show those who are ruling us, what we really think about politics and government.

That’s mostly subject of the affectionately created carnival floats.

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