Top 10 Thursday – Places to live


I love my new blog schedule. Makes it so much easier to decide what to blog about.
Today I have got something which I have planed for quite a while.

My Top 10 places to live

I love all those places and I don’t want to devaluate a place because the ranking seems to be lower than another one.



The city where I am living, a population of 3,5 million people, capital of Germany.
I like it.
I like the fact that there is urban life at its best and you have green suburbs, old villages.

Berlin is a city full of contrasts.
Traditions vs anarchy.
Old vs new.
Concrete vs green
The list can be extended.

Our major Klaus Wowereit calls Berlin “Poor, but sexy.”
It is a very inspirational place to live, although sometimes …


My hometown, the place where I grew up.
A very green town with 55,000 citizens.
The slogan of Menden is: “Town in the forest.”

It is a very old town, founded long ago and gaining town privileges in 1275.
My family used to live in a house which was built in 1794 – nearly as old as the USA.
Menden is also very famous for her pubs. They say that she has nearly as much as Düsseldorf, who claims having the most.


Another big city.
The advantage of Hamburg: it is close to the sea.
They have a lovely tea restaurant.
I love the flair and the accent of her citizens.

And my ex proposed to me in Hamburg.


Cologne – mother of carnival.
For somebody from Menden Cologne was the essence of the world.
The nearby Ruhr-District seemed somewhat boring but Cologne – that’s metropolitan.
Always loved being there, strolling around, listening to people, visiting museums …


Lake Constance – not a city but an area.
My sister lives there, and I love visiting her and relax at Germany’s biggest lake.
In my opinion weather is a bit different in that region than in Berlin.
It is much more sunny and some places at Lake Constance give me a kind of southern feeling.


I had the pleasure to visit this lovely area right after “Abitur” –  High School Diploma.
The hilly area reminds me of my Sauerland based home town.
But Wales is a bit more rough than the Sauerland. I feel more grounded in that area.


Boston – my synonym for a wonderful student exchange in Massachusetts.
I had the pleasure to visit an American family and high school for four weeks.
Really it was one of the highlights of my life.


When ever I think of a place of relaxation – North Sea comes to my mind.
I love the air, the wind, the waves, the sand, the sea gulls – and when thinking of East-Frisia – the tea.
One day soonish I would love to be there again, just sitting in the sand and watching the sea.


Swinging London –  best place to party.
But London is more, much more.
I am a huge fan of the British Museum … I need to explore the Egyptian exhibition …

I have to admit, that I love British supermarkets as well as I love American ones.
Being from a small town where a supermarket has been just a bigger grocery shop, the supermarkets in the States and UK seemed like paradies.
Just have a look at the huge shelves of ready meals … always admired that.
And yes for sure … tea… and vegetarian options.


San Francisco
My personal paradise … the city at the bay.
I never felt more myself than in times being there.

Your turn:
What is your favorite place to live and why?
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Pictures: by me and stockexchange

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Thursday – Places to live

  1. Your home town looks beautiful. I have been fortunate to have visited some of the places on your list: Boston, London and Wales. What a fun list to dream about 🙂

    • thanks dear 🙂
      my hometown is a very green town 🙂
      will post later this year some scenic sunday pix 🙂

      yes i love to dream about this too … glad you have visited some places too 🙂

  2. Nice to read about the places that you would like to live. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & photos. I wonder where will be your next stop after Berlin – glad to see it on the list!! For me has to be right here in Korcula or Dunedin,NZ my hometown. Home is where the heart is! x

    • yes home is where the heart is … sometimes my heart goes wandering 🙂
      glad you like korcula too … otherwise it would be a pity 🙂
      thanks ruth 🙂

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