Tip Tuesday – Schedule your Article


This function saves me a lot of time.

I can write my blog articles whenever I have time and use the wordpress schedule option to publish them at date and time I want them to go online.

Scheduling via WordPress

If you explore your blog you will find that function easily.

I will show you how to do it with WordPress.

Just above the big button “Publish” you find a little line: “Publish immediately” followed by the word “Edit”.

This is the place to edit the publish date.

Just click and it opens … a door to relaxed posting.

You can edit month, day, year and time.

Plan your post carefully and edit posting time as well. You don’t want to publish at a time when your readers are sleeping.

Don’t forget to hit “OK” to make sure that your post is scheduled now.

The blue button “Publish” switches to “Schedule”.

You can plan your holidays and still be posting.


Your turn:

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8 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday – Schedule your Article

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  4. But, PLEASE, do the world a favor. Proofread it before you schedule it!!!!

  5. Thanks for your easy to follow scheduling tips. Was just thinking this morning I ought to schedule some posts – need to write them first!

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