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Silent Saturday


Have a nice Weekend.

Schönes Wochenende für alle.


Font of the Week (13) – Chocolate Drops

Now and then when I explore new fonts I joke around and tell my friend that it is to me like exploring a candy shop. Lately my friend Roy A. Ackerman of The Adjuvancy, LLC (give him a like on Facebook) told me, that he doesn’t fancy candy so much but rather chocolate.

Ok Roy, this font is for you!

It is called Chocolate Drops – please be careful while eating, and brush your teeth afterwards.

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My favorite Graphic Tools

Welcome to another Top10Thursday.

Today I am going to share my favorite Graphic Tools with you, favorite programs and Internet resources.


First of all I love to work with Photoshop.
Nearly every graphic I have made so far has been made with Photoshop.
To me Photoshop is my canvas and the mouse is my color and brush.
We first met when Photoshop was quite young. It was called Photoshop 2.0 at that time. Now it is a big girl which is now called Photoshop CS 6 (13.0)

But I know that Photoshop is not the graphic tool for everybody, since it is a bit prizzy.
Therefore I would recommend Gimp to you too. I am not familiar with it – Photoshop you know J – but they say that it is similar to Photoshop in some ways and it is free. So give it a try!

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Shawn: Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur …

I so love this little series of interviews. I love the fantastic women who sharing their thoughts with us. The stories behind the women are just amazing … what skills, powers, love, energy, believes, faith. Isn’t it just wonderful?
Please welcome today Shawn Snyder from Texas/USA. I met Shawn on Facebook in the Ultimate Blog Challenge group. A big thank you to her for sharing her story with us. Shawn has a great blog “The Odd Couple Blog” – helpful tips, interesting insights and now and then controversial discussions which makes us to rethink our own ideas.

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Shawn Snyder, 47, married with 3 grown kids. I am a wife & mother first and an entrepreneur. I am a 3rd party seller of books mostly Christian but all genre are available. I sell personalized children’s products such as books, music and movies. And I blog about marriage and family. Read more…

Add the right Tag and save Space

When browsing the blogs of some of my fellow bloggers, I see now and then blog homepages with large and extended posts. Actually the whole blog post appears on the very first page, followed by the similar extended previous blog posts.

When the blogger allows the last 10 posts on the 1st page  it makes a long way to scroll down to reach the bottom of the page.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The wonderful programmers of WordPress – and I bet those of other blogging software too – have thought about it and added an option to the format tags to reduce the posts on the homepage.

You will find it right in the first formatting line when running the blog entry in visual mode. Read more…

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