Commenting or not commenting?


… which is Top9Thursday

I love writing blog posts.
I also love reading blog posts.
And I for sure love to comment on blog posts.

But sometimes it is not that easy, kind of challenge …

Therefore a top list what keeps me from commenting on blog posts.  It is not meant as a ranking, just an observation.
I know that some bloggers have written about that too. Hope you don’t mind.


Sign in with …

either Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or any other blogging account.
Nice somehow … but most times it doesn’t work.
Your blogging system can’t connect with my system.
Which is pretty bad and it usually happens after I have written my comment.


Sign in works …

…but now my text is gone.
Very bad, very annoying.


Sign in works again …

… but I shall jump over Captcha hurdle.
I understand that you want to protect your blog from spammers, but I have just verified that I am somewhat human.


Just enter these characters …

Oh yes … I try to identify them.
These signs are so cryptic that nobody hardly can recognize them … and if I am unlucky my text might have been deleted when I have successfully entered the captcha.


Leave comment

Plain simple: name  – email addy – website.
This is how I love it. Simple and easy!

Yet when sending my comment I have the feeling that you don’t want to communicate with me … there is no little check-box which says “Notify me on following up comments”.
I don’t think that your blog is a kind of camping site and I will set up a tent to life here now …


Check the box, but don’t expect.

Easy access to commenting, a little check-box to get notified … but the notification never happens. That makes me sad. I just want to know what my fellow blogger thinks about my comment. I want to interact, discuss, have fun, but I don’t want to spot the blog all day!


Notify and get mail but confirm first …

This is quiet new. I have found it recently on some wordpress based self hosted blogs, I need to confirm my comment following subscription … again and again for each blog post … I have  a long list for a certain author by now! I get emails about new comments, but never from the authors comment … which sucks in a certain way … and the links are broken somehow … I usually get an error 404 when I click on the link in my mail.


Easy access, easy subscription but no author who cares …

Yes this happens too. Authors who never get back to comment on their comments … most annoying stuff ever.


time out

everything seems to work properly … but than … no comment possible … site time out

My all time favorite:

The highlight of my blogging heaven.

Leave name and email addy and website, check the box, get email when somebody else commented including author’s comments and an author who cares, who wants to communicate … this is a dream and there are blogs and authors which make this dream come true … day by day … love it! – And some have even a little like button for me.


Nobody loves spam!

So protect your blog with a good antispam-plugin and moderated comments.

What annoys you most with blogging comments?


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18 thoughts on “Commenting or not commenting?

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  3. showard76 on said:

    Great post Helen, it’s amazing how often these things happen! To be honest I often avoid non-wordpress blogs purely for the issues with commenting! my pet hate is tumblr blogs where most often you cannot comment at all!

    • i understand so much what you are saying … sometimes i also avoid commenting non-wordpress blogs.
      i recently came across the blog of a friend, where i needed to register to comment … i didn.t!

  4. Hi Helen
    I find this internet stuff so difficult to follow. I think that my comments box is easy, I do reply to every comment but have absolutely no idea if it is received I think so. I have got luvcomment which will pick up and show case your last blog. I do have a spam thngy, but I still check it as like spam e:mail things can get misdirected.
    I feel that it’s only polite to respond if someone has bothered to comment. (N.B. I’m away this week-end on a course, so no response to any reply that you make is not intentional!)
    I use networked blogs for twitter and facebook
    Great post highlighting all the problems and delights of leaving comments.
    N.B. I completed the 31 blog challenge too, but cannot put the widget on my site (I’m terrified of pressing the wrong button and messing up all those key words my designer has put in there!)

    • hey judith
      yes sometimes this stuff is quite a challenge.
      luckily i also get a note by my system, that somebody has kindly commented 🙂
      so i have the opportunity, to reply to every comment … and now and then we will have a nice discussion.
      for my self hosted sites i am using commetluv too – so nice to see what the commenters are blogging about! and sometimes very interesting to find out about their niches.
      this blog is wordpress-hosted so no chance for commentluv :(.

      sometimes we are busy with working or taking lessons or life … so re-commenting can be a bit delayed (as well as reading blogs) but i guess nobody minds when the reply is one or two days later. and yes if a celebrity blog can reply all the other bloggers should be able too.
      but i think this crazy fact about having time is not only about actual time it is also about priority.
      to me, my commenters are important, so i am taking the time and reply – even if it is a simple “thanks for the comment” – it is a kind of appreciation (if that word is the right term).

      for widgets: maybe your designer is able to help? wordpress is easy. you will use a so called “text widget” and can add any text inside – like badget codes etc. quite easy and the only messing up might be the very widget box – but than you can delete it.
      love helen

  5. Hi Helen,
    Great post. I need to improve my blog to include number five – currently I don’t have the “notify of comments” option. Will get that organised.
    Loosing your comment text is the most frustrating thing. If I’ve written a comment it means I appreciated the post (regardless of whether I agree or otherwise) and I want the blogger to know.

    • yes a notification check box (which really notifies after checking) is great. i love it and curious as i am, i will check it all the time 🙂
      and don.t let us talk about loosing comments – might keep me away from sleeping.
      thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. You made me smile. I agree with all your points. Comments are precious to a blogger and we should try to make it easy for our audience.

    • thanks shawn – much appreciated 🙂
      hopefully some people will enhance the comment function or at least try to get an enhancement via their provider!

  7. I’ve almost gotten to where I won’t comment on Blogger blogs because their system never works.

    There are also some sites that just don’t seem to want comments based on the fact that they don’t ask questions, don’t give anything to talk about or don’t make it easy to find WHERE to comment.

    • oh yes nicole – blogger blogs are my #1 blog pet peeves stuff right now – sign in with wordpress id – can.t find it (heaven you have had it 2 minutes ago) – oh yes here you are – please enter your captcha and than all gone

      with some of my posts i find it difficult to ask questions or make another call to action, but i am still learning ;D

  8. I have run into blogs that demand a certain length name- and don’t tell you what that is. Two tries is all I give it. Then, the blog gets no comment and I discard the blogger from my reading universe. When I do a crossword puzzle- I am prepared. I am uninterested in playing games with bloggers who do not regard their readers with the same degree of care they would desire. (Like those jackass web designers that want you to use a password- but don’t list the rules until you first enter the password. What’s with these morons?)

    • i know what you mean … reminds me of a blog i didn.t talk about … register me first and than allow me to comment.
      that guy still waits for my words ;D

      yes security and protection is important these days … but you can exaggerate it … and keeping name- and password-length as a secret is truly an exaggeration!
      there are so many nice plugins to protect blog and brain ;D

  9. Enjoyed that thanks Helen.
    The captcha – I think they save the most unrecognisable one for me 🙂 and The most annoying to me is when I take the time to leave a comment and the blogger doesn’t acknowledge.

    • thanks dianne 🙂
      the captchas are just like stones in my way
      and yes it is so annoying when the blogger doesn.t acknowledge your thoughts … sometimes i think: they are getting to much comments and just spare their breath for the more “important ones”

  10. Thanks for this Helen, I have the same problems and frustrations. Is it something I am doing wrong? Maybe not if you having same problems, now I comment mostly on other wordpress sites because it is easiest for me.

    • i don.t think that you are doing something wrong!
      yes i started to comment more on wordpress sites than on others … for others i sometimes swap over to their facebook pages.

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