Facebook Pages will Timeline by March 30 2012

Yes some musings on the new timeline for facebook pages.
Some have already adapted, others will wait until the last minute.
If we like it or not … we all have to make the switch to new facebook timeline … even for fan, business, charity … pages.

You will need a new profile picture and a new cover picture.

Profile picture should be a lovely square picture like 500 x 500 pixel.

Cover picture’ size is 850 x 315 pixel.

Sure you can take any photo from your photo album and tweak it.
But will that be suitable for your brand? I doubt it.

The cover picture  will take the place of your landing page. It will be the first impression a new client will get by you on facebook.

Here is the deal!

I will make up your cover picture from any picture you will send me for 10 Euros!

Right size … you only have to upload it.

I create a wonderful cover picture to represet you and your brand for only 40 Euros, your logo included and all sized up the way you need for facebook. Profile Picture is included!

How does it work?

Just drop me a line, and we will chat about it via mail, skype or phone.

Some examples of my timeline work… some is just a bit playing around … and some is really used …

the pictures I am showing here are not the faceboob sizes … had to be reduced for blog use


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4 thoughts on “Facebook Pages will Timeline by March 30 2012

  1. I am not good with change. Always throws me for a loop. Still learning new phone from November. Dreading this….. I may just call on you for some help 😐

    • i am here – don.t worry – guess it is easier than a new phone – you just set it up and than it runs on its own 🙂

  2. You look very talented. I just plugged my header into my fan page and it worked. My personal page just look icky. Its a blown up pic of me.

    • have to take a look 🙂
      i won.t say that it is impossible just to plug in and go … 
      sometimes i have just other demands on pix
      thanks shawn for the kudos 🙂

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