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Today we are celebrating “International Women’s Day”. We are celebrating it for the 101st time. Clara Zetkin suggested it in 1910 and on March 19 1911 Germany, Denmark, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland celebrated the very frist Women’s day ever.

I don’t want to lecture about the necessity of Women’s day or remind us of the blessings of Women’s Lib … we achieved a lot and we still need to achieve more.

Today I would like to honor my Top10Women’s – yes Top10Thursday.

My Top10Women are not a ranking, it is more like 10 x #1 Woman.

An example, an inspiration, an admiration, a friend … and behind of each of the 10 women there are 100 other similar inspiring women.

I love being a woman, although there is a certain struggle now and then.

And I love all the wonderful examples of my gender I am going to introduce to you …



Shelly is based in Canada. She is one of my online-friends.

I am always stunned what this woman is able to deal with. How often she puts her life together again. Shelly is a true light in the dark.



A great example that you can learn your entire life.

I admire Patti for her photoshop abilities – yes, some stuff is made in a way that I really don’t know to do that myself.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom my friend.



Heidi is a life long friend of me. I have talked more to her than to my mom. And sometimes I have the feeling that she was more mother to me…
I am glad for a friendship that lasts now longer than half of my life.



Mel is a dedicated mother of 2 wonderful but also challenging boys. Like many of us she raises her children on her own. I guess it is not only Mel’s wonderful curly and redish hair that makes me sometimes think that she would fight like a lion for her kids.



Meeting her at the blog challenge and becoming friends was very quick. She is a very open minded and light hearted person. Ruth is the one of my friends who has seen the most parts of the world … parts that we all dream to see … and sometimes she has even lived there for a while.



Shannon is the very first person I have met in the depth of interweb. My son was about 3 years old and her daughter 1 – we met, we talked, we became friends.

And Shannon is a shining example of what a woman is capable to do … my admiration and love is with you for the rest of our live hun.



When ever I need somebody to listen to me … it’s Camille who is here … especially in the middle of my night. And I mean that literally. Due to time difference we can chat at 4am.

Camille is also an inspiration what pure will is able to move.



We had had some ups and downs in our lives, which we shared. Working together for that student day care, separations  … and now she is starting all over again.

Sometimes I wish I had your drive girl .



My best mate … what I said about Camille I can also tell people about her. She is also always there for me. Struggling hard, raising 2 challenging teenagers all on her own.



My sister … she dedicated her life to help people.
Chartiy, voluntarily pro bono work … dealing with so many different kind of people.

And she is one of the most generous persons I have ever met … and she shares my history too.


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