Tweeting my Thoughts … my Top10Twitter-Followers

Oh yeah  – let’s talk about my biggest social media pet peeves: TWITTER

Ok I am doing a bit better these days since I am using hootsuite, which helps me a lot getting some structure into the unfiltered sound of the chirping and tweeting of 140 characters maximum per message.

I am still eager to figure out with whom on twitter I have the most interaction.

Using tools like crowdbooster or twitter counter are nice but not very helpful in that regard – or maybe I haven’t found the button which answers my question.

So I set up my personal Top10-List, which is no ranking like every list. It is my twitter-chill-interaction (like the wind chill temperature in wintertime) – these are the twitter user with whom I feel the most interaction, people who really interact with me. Love that.

Twitter is still a mystery, quick and effective for some stuff but yet I am missing interaction – real interaction.

Maybe there is so much noise that people can’t hear each other anymore?

I am following 278 people on twitter and 136 are following back – not bad, right? And my tweets have the proud number of over 1800 – myself impress me!



~~~~ Mid-Life Mojo Bringer and Chief Rabble-Rouser ~~~~
~~~ Quit Your Bitching. Change Your Life. ~~~

The mistress of Life After Tampon – one of my favorite blogs these days.

Jennifer’s tweets are so full of love that they are high lightening my day.



From medicine to tax, with biz and HiTech, I keep you and your biz from becoming a wreck!

I admire so much the way Roy is retweeting some of my blog posts. Makes me feel I have written an entirely different and much more exciting article.



Personalised Realistic Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers.

Once I was a bit upset about the few interaction on twitter. For a challenge I had to ask questions and trying to get involved with people I am usually not talking to. Nobody replied and after a while and a mild interference of the challenge author boogiebabys started to talk to me.



Wir stricken für von Armut betroffene Kinder in Singen/Hohentwiel.
Knitting for poor children in Singen/Hohentwiel.

The twitter account of my sister’s charity blog – nothing more to say.



Gleeza aka Glee aka worldwatcher, crazy crafting, bollywood loving, book reading, gardening, sewing, reggae/dancehall fan.

Met Gleeza at a very special forum, we became friends on facebook and following on twitter. In this case I so love the quick twitter interaction. Just some lines now and then – like sending text messages via cell phone.



Free lance journalist and A Super moderator on AboveTopSecret.com

Ladies and Gentlemen: Asala – the first twitter account ever I followed and who followed me. And I am still happy being on the list.



Helping entrepreneurs build visibility, voice and community. Homeschool mom, SyFy fan, voracious reader, lover of coffee.

I so much appreciate Michelle’s time she is dedicating to me. I know she has a lot of twitter following to handle – but she never misses a question or a RT. Thanks.



Coach, facilitator, trainer supporting personal & organisational growth; also developing diversity confidence. Love cycling & photography, emerging fencer & gol

Always so much fun to talk to. And I know Michele is thinking of me, even if I am not on twitter. Love it.



We design the social YOU: Facebook timeline covers, Twitter backgrounds, QR landing pages, websites, banners, and logos. Stay tuned at http://fb.com/eosgrafx

Nobody ever has retweeted so many of my tweets than @eosgrafx. Delia you are my RT star. I am very grateful for that.


You know it folks – I can’t leave her out.


Unique, handmade filigree jewellery. We are delighted to be sharing our designs and passion for filigree. Let us create something fabulous for you.

Ruth has encouraged me so often not to give up on twitter. So thanks for that, and I am so much looking forward to more twitter chats my dear friend.

Please stop by on the accounts of these fantastic people. Maybe follow them as well.

Who is your favorite twitter follower? Or who’s tweets do you like best?



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2 thoughts on “Tweeting my Thoughts … my Top10Twitter-Followers

  1. I knew I was going to be on this list! 🙂 Thanks so much for the mention, Helen. You are a wonderful person to tweet 😉

    • sure i had to put you onto the list 🙂
      and i am happy that you are pleased 🙂
      thanks so much delia – i enjoy our tweets

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