Chocolate for my Sweetie …

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Last week I have learned that it is very important to built an email-list.

It has to be a so called opt-in-list. Guess everybody of us is on more than one of such lists.

You subscribe … you confirm subscription … and you can unsubscribe via clicking on a certain link in the email … quite easy.

Yes and I am going to built such a list too. Will be hard work I know.

I have found a reasonable list manager (another new word I have learned) which will help to built, write the news letter and manage the list.

My preference is on mailchimp.


No list without a goodie to give. People want some candy or chocolate … I know, I am a huge virtual chocolate collector … any interesting report is mine and they will get my email for that in return. Have tons so far on my HD … where can I book reading time?

Here is the 10 billion dollar question: what chocolate would you like?

  • A free report on designing business cards?
  • Cool social media buttons for the seasons?
  • A voucher to integrate a photo of you in a cool wallpaper?
  • A lovely springy wallpaper?
  • Something I haven’t thought about … drop me a line in the comment!

I wish I could send you all real chocolate 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Chocolate for my Sweetie …

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  3. Thanks Helen Ijust signed up for mailchimp too!

  4. Those good old free offers. I try to give the one that I think has the best value for my customer. But I think chocolate would be the winner of any offer. lol

    • that.s what i am trying to figure out … beside the chocolate offer … although still looking for a method to set it up online … i mean free chocolate download …imagine that 😀

  5. Tease!
    I told you I love chocolate, you offer it- and then you play Lucy and snatch it away at the last minute…
    I have used mailchimp, and it’s ok. What I liked best of all died a few years ago and was offered via an affiliate of Franklin Covey… But, we can’t have what doesn’t exist.

    • while writing i was thinking of you the whole time roy 🙂
      i am sorry if you are drolling for chocolate now 😦
      i am good with the lucy snatch right?

      yes you are right … we can.t have what doesn.t exist … mailchimp attracts me with its free plan … and i already understood how to use it!

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