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Just a quick note on blogging schedules.

By end of February I decided to follow a blogging schedule. I even set up categories for different days – like today’s post is “TipTuesday”.

I have to recommend this for you.

My blogging-life is so much easier now following the schedule – I have many posts scheduled in advance.

And it is so much easier what to blog about.

I have my categories and I have a kind of blog-schedule to plan. (Click on link to get your free pdf).

You can use any good calendar too.



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21 thoughts on “Blogging via Schedule

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  5. Awesome thanks, this is a great tool. I have a schedule that I use, but to see it in a monthly format like this is wonderful.

    I schedule an hour a day for writing, which never seems enough 🙂 sometimes it takes several passes to get a post ready to publish. On the other hand sometimes I get the urge to write something and it seems easier, if it doesn’t fit for that day I just schedule it for a day I would like it to appear on.

    • glad you like it 🙂
      it helped me a lot so far – usually it lays right next to me and i can add and see everything at one look.

      i know about that “time is to short for writing” … so i like to schedule some before hand … like the scenic sunday!

  6. Thanks for the calendar. I do follow a schedule of sorts but as most of the time I have to knit what I’m blogging about, it’s not always possible to stick to it exact as it may take me a little longer to finish the knitting than I’d planned.

    • i also feel free to change my schedule or tweak it a bit … so todays top10thursday became all of a sudden top1thursday ;D

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  8. Thanks Helen for the calendar. I might use it also to plan emails or other activities related to blogging. 🙂


  9. Go you for being organized!

  10. My schedule is I blog M,W&F. I can’t tie myself down to what I’ll blog about on those days. Two reasons, first I am not that put together second what if something comes up that I want to blog about but it doesn’t fit my schedule. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. lol

    • that.s a nice schedule too shawn.
      i planed to post at least 3x per week – not including silent saturday, but the easy pic with scenic sunday.
      but since i have the schedule it is much easier for me to do it every day!

      and hey … if something comes up which doesn.t fit into my schedule … i blog anyway
      sometimes it can wait a day or two … than i will tweak it into musing monday … musing fits for anything … and i can change the schedule as i like 🙂

  11. Really great recommendation! I have been doing this somewhat, especially for my newsletter. I would have liked to see you address Holidays and Special Events.

    When I decided to sit down and write out a schedule, the very first thing I did was write down all of the Holidays that I would be blogging on. This helped me see a clear overview of the rest of the year.

    I also wrote down my own special occasions ~ birthdays, events, and anniversaries that I won’t necessarily post on, but I’ll need to plan time to take off. This helps me make sure I leave time to work ahead.

    Finally, I started adding other events that many people follow, such as the Super Bowl, the Grammys, movies that are coming out this summer, etc. I used to not blog about these events. However, I get an overwhelming response to these topics, so now I often tie in my blog to something that is going on in the social or cultural consciousness. The result is increased readership, increased subscriptions, and increased fun! 🙂

    • thanks amethyst 🙂

      holidays … i usually like to celebrate certain holidays via special blog events  … as i did before christmas

      personal events … everybody has to find her own way for that … guess i will schedule something for my birthday … birthday of son while he meeting his friends gives me time to do extra blogging ;D

      your thoughts are a great addition 🙂 thanks a bunch

  12. I have been using a schedule since Michelle Shaeffer explained Calendar for WordPress (thanks again…michelleshaeffer.com)
    But, my topics are not quite that explicit- I leave T/F for business and management- with the other days of the week to let my heart (and brain wander)…. and my queue is filled until after Passover…

    • michelle shaeffer rocks my social media world too …

      although i am addicted to electronically stuff (like my ical) i love my blogging calendar sheet right next to me.

      have to look up that calendar for wordpress by michelle 🙂 thanks roy for mentioning that

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