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No Fonts today … there are problems to be solved.
Since a couple of days my fellow bloggers aren’t hardly able to comment on my blog. This makes me sad. Our WordPress Guru Paul Taubman of I Need Help With WordPress (hop over and give him a like!) made me aware of a forums thread at WordPress.com.

They are discussing it up and down … 9 pages so far, while I am writing this.
It is not your fault, it is not my fault, nobody is too stupid to comment … WordPress has changed the commenting system … not for the better.

So here are some replies of WordPress staff that might clarify the issue.



We’ve recently updated our commenting system.
Now if someone tries to comment with an email address attached to a WordPress.com account (or Gravatar account, they’re the same), they’ll need to sign into WordPress.com before they can comment.
If commenters have forgotten their password they can request a reset:



If a reader is reporting that they can’t post a comment, and don’t have a WordPress.com account, please ask them to try entering their email address here:
It’s possible that they opened a WordPress.com account in the past, but forgot about it.
Otherwise, please feel free to ask them to contact us directly, and we’ll sort it out. 🙂


We’ve recently updated our commenting system.
Now, if someone tries to comment with an email address that’s attached to a WordPress.com account, they’ll need to sign into WordPress.com before they can comment.
If commenters have forgotten their password they can request a reset:
Please don’t hesitate to contact our Happiness Engineers if you have any questions. We’re glad to help!

We discovered a bug that required some users to use an email address when commenting, even when the blog owner doesn’t require an email address, or might prevent logged-in users from commenting.

Update #2
We discovered another bug that prevented some users from commenting if they attempted to comment on a blog with a custom domain name and had third-party cookies disabled.
This bug has been fixed as well and we’re sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

WordPress.com and Gravatar.com accounts are the same thing. Accounts for each service work on the other. So if you’ve only ever used Gravatar, you can log into WordPress.com using your Gravatar account (and vice versa) to post using your registered email address.

And I have found a wonderful Description how to deal with the issue  – if you have a wordpress- or gravatar-account – Thanks to “The Diary of Daedalus”. Thanks a bunch!

In our case – I will lift the “Meta-Widget to make the login easier!


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15 thoughts on “Commenting Issues with WordPress

  1. I think I noticed that change but wasn’t sure if it was due to the particular sites or not. Good to know.

  2. showard76 on said:

    We are playing Tag It. Do you want to play? Check http://showard76.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/the-beautiful-blogger-award-and-a-game-of-tag/ for the rules

  3. i have faced some problems lately, not on your blog but on other blogs
    hopefully they return the old system back

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  5. carolinaheartstrings on said:

    Testing, testing…. I am going to see if I can get this up linked to Carolina HeartStrings instead of my personal info that I see has already been inserted below.

    • first system thought you are a spammer … but i put you at the hair and pulled you out … and here you are carolinaheartstring
      i promise to check spam folder more often!

      the carolinaheartstrings are NO spammers, when will you got that?

  6. Thanks for this post, Helen. So many of the people for whom I normally comment thought I abandoned them. No, I didn’t. But, I don’t want to be tracked by someone who plans to profit from my words- other than to those whom I offer my prose…

    • you are very welcome roy and your thoughts are much appreciated.
      i don.t like this tracking idea either … so i will have to rethink the whole issue in a while
      thanks for your words

      • I don’t understand this issue of having someone profit from my words when commenting on WP. Can anybody explain?

        • to be honest helene, i don.t understand that either.
          it is a bit annoying th log in via gravatar or wordpress to comment on a wordpress hosted blog, if you have such an account.
          no probs for people without such an account.
          it is also no problem if you use an email-addy wordpress and gravatar don.t know!

          the comment will be published anyway, when you comment.
          so who got the profit? hopefully you, me, the reader 🙂

  7. great. thanks for the info.

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