Well, did you evah?

It’s a challenge!

My friend Jennifer Boykin of Life after Tampons was challengened and  passed over the torch or trapped me …
What is it about?

Random facts … I am supposed to confess, so keep it secret my friends, and don’t hold it against me.

Like the little surveys I also love challenges, let’s go.


7 Random Facts about me that you probably don’t know:


1. I was raised catholic. They even send me to a school that was run by nuns. Later on I took the opportunity to leave that church.


2. While I was in university I learned how to play the trombone. Loved it, but while moving to Berlin the trombone and me parted. Living circumstances changed for both of us.


3. The very university, which saw the trombone and Helen together, was my shelter for my university years. I used to live on campus, but not in the American way. German universities usually don’t have dorms on campus. I had the pleasure to live in the former apartment of the college priest (without the priest!). So I was the best watched student university of Essen has ever seen. Nobody else lived there, so the trombone and me were able to make music at 3am in the night.


4. My dad was an electrician and he planned a system – kind of floor heating – for pavements. He didn’t wanted to shovel snow in winter. Unfortunately my mom prevented him from doing the last steps.


5. In high school my English teacher always gave me a “F” for my grades. Yes even me doesn’t believe that anymore.


6. I am an Apple-Shareholder. One of the last Birthday gifts from my ex husband is ONE share of Apple. Made me happy as pie.


7. I once made up and layouted a foundry dictionary while staying in bed for days. I had to stay in bed being pregnant with the son with prematurely labor around 22nd week. But then he was born 5 days later than the presumed delivering date.


The rules of the challenge say that others have to pass the torch over to other FIVE.

Here we go ladies and gentemen:

Angelina Finimento

Shawn Snyder

Carolina HeartStrings

Sharon Howard

Dianne Jones



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14 thoughts on “Well, did you evah?

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  3. Loved the information. And, I don’t recall agreeing to your terms- so publicize it I shall 🙂

  4. Ok here we go! 1. Although I blog about knitting I’m really a cook, I’m a qualified Home Economist. 2. A long time ago I was Home economist for Sharp and I had had two recipe books published both on microwave cookey. 3. Before I came to live in Turkey I owned my own cookery school and taught what else but microwave cookery :). 4. I’m a huge football (soccer) fan infact a Manchester United fanatic when I was in England, never missed a match! now I have watch on TV, my neighbours say they don’t need to watch the match , they just listen to me shouting at the ref and giving the players directions (thinkI must be a bit loud.lol). 5. I love reggae music think I was Jamaican in a past life. 6. I’m a chocoholic I would eat chocolate rather than a meal, I really have to limit myself and be very strict with myself. 7. Would love to be able to paint pictures maybe one day I’ll take art classes.
    Well that’s my 7 random facts about me 🙂 Dianne x

    • that was very interesting dianne 🙂
      we need to make an interview hun
      will message you on facebook for that

      seems you comment and shout on ManU as i do when germany is playing … poor neighbors of me xxx

  5. You rascal. Ok, I take you up on your challenge. Look for my randomness on my blog on the 2nd. 😎

  6. Ok will accept the challenge and put my 7 facts together. Do I leave them here?

  7. Ok Helen, I will give this a shot. I’m doing it from my perspective only (ie: didn’t tag Tammie in on it)
    1. I was born with my right leg not joined into the socket in my right hip. The dr. noticed it at 2 months and I was in a cast for 9 months and it grew in. I have never known the difference. 2. Both times I was married was by a woman. Perhaps if I go for # 3 I should get a man to marry us. 3. My parents flew over the Bermuda Triangle on Friday the 13th for their honeymoon. And, yet still, here I am 🙂 4. I will cut coupons, scrimp on the silliest things but don’t mind blowing big money on a good dinner. 5. I would love to learn a foreign language before I die but not sure my brain is wired for that sort of thing 6. I would love to “collect” dogs and have one of many breeds but realize that is impractical and maybe illegal 7. I would also love to have a pet otter. Again – impractical…..

    xoxo Alessa

    • hey alessa
      that was fun 🙂 and interesting 🙂

      glad that your parents weren.t captured by some mysterious bermuda stuff.

      is there a limit how many dogs you are allowed?


  8. I wish I had one share of Apple too 🙂 Cool present by the hubby. Now can you see if he can get me one of the new Mac Book Pros? 🙂


    • yes it was a very cool present at a bday where everbody (beside me) expected him to give jewels.
      that hubby is now the ex and doesn.t talk to me anymore
      so no mac book pro neither for kesha nor for helen 😦

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