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Recently I have learned that list building is very important.

Every entrepreneur busy on the internet needs a list!


If you don’t have a list, you can’t send newsletters to your customers or people who might be interested. It would be regarded as spamming and it is kind of illegal.
The process is called “Email-Marketing” – still confusing for me.


Yes it was kind of problem or challenge to learn how to do it! And I am still in the learning process.

First I had to decide which kind of e-mail-marketing tool I wanted to use to built the opt-in-list, that’s what they call this process. To say it in my words: “I will give you my email and allowance to send me your newsletter to my mailbox.” Yes that’s what it is.

Usually you will get a little preset in return.

That opt-in-form requires more than one click … first you enter your email address and say: “yes please send me” … system will tell you, that you need to confirm this desire. You will also get an email reminder. Double chance to get away … or to think it over.

And there is a little link in each newsletter, so you can easily unsubscribe.


I had to make up my mind concerning the client and the plan.

Not the plan how to do it, but the payment plan.

Some clients have free plans, others a monthly budget ……

I read some tests, I read some T&C and finally I came along to use YMLP. They allow me a free trial and than a free plan or a plan for a small fee … pretty fair.

Yes that impressed me.

But what I like more is: you can switch languages! I can switch easily between English and German. To me it is just fantastic.

It is easy to understand. I just explained it to a friend who is going to built up a little restaurant and wants to use it for weekly menu change information.


I proudly announce that you can sign up for my newsletter – there will be an English version. If you sign up via this website, you will be automatically added to the English newsletter.

The German site offers the German version.

Your Present

Yes you will also get a little present.

It is Spring, we love to connect and be social.

So I have prepared a little set of Social Media Buttons. All in a Springy design.

Just have a little look:

The icons come in different sizes:

256×256 pixel, 128×128 pixel, 64×64 pixel and 32×32 pixel.

All as png files – so you can enjoy the background of your site shining from behind.

Hope you like them as much as I do.



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