My favorite Graphic Tools

Welcome to another Top10Thursday.

Today I am going to share my favorite Graphic Tools with you, favorite programs and Internet resources.


First of all I love to work with Photoshop.
Nearly every graphic I have made so far has been made with Photoshop.
To me Photoshop is my canvas and the mouse is my color and brush.
We first met when Photoshop was quite young. It was called Photoshop 2.0 at that time. Now it is a big girl which is now called Photoshop CS 6 (13.0)

But I know that Photoshop is not the graphic tool for everybody, since it is a bit prizzy.
Therefore I would recommend Gimp to you too. I am not familiar with it – Photoshop you know J – but they say that it is similar to Photoshop in some ways and it is free. So give it a try!

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