Scenic Sunday



This is a very lovely village in Lower Saxonia.
Since my ex doesn’t like to fly, we needed a place for holidays which was close by.
Steinhude is in about 4 hours car ride distance from Berlin, but also in reasonable train distance
Therefore we have spend several lovely holidays in this area.

Photography Steinhuder Meer


The “lake” is called Steinhuder Meer, a fantastic resort if you are in sailing.
I am not that much in sailing and I never have swam in the lake … always too cold when I have been there, but I surrounded it twice via bike … 40 km or 25 miles.
Not bad hu?


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5 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday

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  2. How beautiful a place to be! I am assuming this is in Germany ? My parents were from Germany which makes me first generation. Have never been overseas – yet! :o) Hope this keeps you one more hot closer to 5001! Marilyn

    • thanks marilyn 🙂
      that.s very kind.
      yes it is in germany … northern germany to be precisely-

      interesting how many people have some roots in germany 🙂

  3. Beautiful. My heart is starting to yearn for a vacation. With our daughter getting married in July no money or time this year. So, I just have to look at pictures like yours and dream.

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