Right back on Track …

I am part again!

Part of this wonderful challenge and part of this wonderful supportive group of people.
Another month with a post each day to boost the blog traffic and shout out my message.
It is quite a challenge to write each day. I will stick to my blogging schedule but categories like “Wordless Wednesday” or “Silent Saturday” have to be tweaked a little bit.

Hopefully I can do a bit more on “Women’s Wednesday” … wanna be my interview? Just drop me a line!

Even if you are following a blogging schedule which makes blogging so much easier, it is a challenge to force oneself to write every day … if I am not on a challenge nobody cares as long as I show up at least two or three times a week.

But now you have to bear me every day!

And you have to bear my long winded words … at least 100 per post.


As I said I love the group and the support in the group.

I also love the boosting blog traffic.

Since I blog for my business I also hope that people like my content, that they hopefully like my work and maybe one day I might be working for you!

So blogging is also about staying in touch with people.

Another way to stay in touch is my mailing list and newsletter … just join me

or like me on facebook



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4 thoughts on “Right back on Track …

  1. lizfruitberry on said:

    Sign me up! 😄

  2. LOL just tried commenting but it wouldn’t let me – so here I go again. Glad you’re joining the UBC this month and I’m looking forward to getting to know you more. Should be interesting to see the change in traffic as well as the connections made.

    • thanks sara
      it let you comment but for some strange reason system thought you spammed … but you didn.t
      so i rescued your comment.

      yes will be very interesting getting to know each other better 🙂
      thank you for stopping by 🙂

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