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nicole bandes the you coachWelcome my guest blogger Nicole Bandes on this Special Saturday.


Being Positive in the Face of Our Own Mistakes

Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice what I, well, share and teach to others through my life coaching. Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow! It’s also an opportunity to expand one’s ability to think more positively.

I was just finishing up a call to one of my prospective new coaching clients when I received a phone call that went something like this.

Caller: “Hi, this is Anne (ok, not her real name but you probably already knew that). Are we still on for lunch today at 1?”

I suddenly feel like a Twix moment has come on where I definitely need a moment...

Me: “Oh, Anne!  Um, today? 1? Um…”

You see, I have on my calendar a coaching appointment set for 2 pm in a different location. I couldn’t meet this, as yet unremembered person, at 1pm for lunch.

Caller: “Oh, it sounds like you might need to reschedule.”

I slowly begin to regain half a brain to realize who this person was and what she was referring to and then quickly come to the realization that I managed to miss getting the appointment scheduled in on my calendar.  I profusely apologize, ask if we could reschedule and let it go as a fluke but reminder to double check appointments.

Fast forward, oh two and a half short hours.

I’m in a session with my coaching client at this point and hear my phone ring. I assume it is my child calling for an ETA to pick him up from school so ignore the call. After the meeting I check my messages. It’s now 3pm.

“Hi Nicole, this is Mary (yep, not her real name either). Are we still meeting at 3 for coffee?”

Oops, I did it again!

I managed to call Mary back and again apologize and reschedule. I’m so grateful that both individuals were quite willing to forgive me and reschedule for another time. My belief is that if we do not connect for a meeting or appointment as scheduled, the universe had other plans and we’ll meet when we are supposed to. Thankfully, they found that idea quite acceptable!

Still, I’m dumbfounded.

I tend to pride myself on my scheduling and follow up. I rarely miss a one-on-one meeting and when I do, I call to make sure the person knows ahead of time. How did I manage to miss entering into my calendar two different meetings on the same day?

Here’s the hook. I must accept that the universe did not mean for me to meet these individuals on that day and, at the same time, determine what I can do to make sure that I do not make the same mistake again.

This seems like a catch-22 but in reality, it well illustrates an ideal situation for growth.

First, embrace the failure. Appreciate the gift of the failure for what it is. Don’t just dismiss it as being ok, rather truly be grateful knowing what a wonderful opportunity you have been given. If nothing else, it goes a long way to making you a happier person!

Second, correct. Learn from the failure in a way that you can minimize that challenge in your future.  Discover new ways to do things and solve the problems so that they do not recur.

Third, continue. Do not let the process hold you back.  Do not spend too much time in upset, fear, disappointment, guilt, anger or any of the other negative emotions.

This is a catch and release program. Once you can master it, negative events that may have previously caused negative attitudes quickly become positive experiences worth sharing.

What failures can you embrace today? It’s ok to start small, but start.

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Nicole Bandes is the bestselling author of Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance, Wealth and Happiness. Go from negative, unhappy and miserable to positive, excited and extraordinary in just 30 days with her Positivity on Purpose Transformational Challenge beginning  April 23rd. Learn more and register at http://goldeneaglescoaching.com/poptc/.

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7 thoughts on “Special Saturday … Thanks!

  1. Great post. Sorry I missed it. But crazy busy week-end.

  2. Ideally, we’d learn from the mistakes that other people make but often, we first need to be aware of those mistakes and sometimes we need to feel the pain of them ourselves in order to learn from them.

    • do we really need to feel pain?
      i am not sure.
      sometimes you can figure out mistakes by pure observation!

      again a big big thank you to you for this great post!

  3. We all definitely have these moments. Sometimes it’s hard to remind ourselves it happens for a reason, it’s easier to momentarily feel like a failure and get down on ourselves. I’m definitely with you about making a point to learn from our mistakes — You can’t learn from a mistake that you haven’t made. 🙂 Nice post, Nicole & thanks for sharing Helen. 🙂

    • i am honored that nicole took the time to share her thoughts with us.
      and yes we can only learn from our mistakes 🙂 so personally i don.t mind them

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