Happy Easter – Frohe Ostern …

Today we celebrate Easter.

Some people celebrate Easter for religious reasons, they believe that Jesus has risen from the death on this very day.
Some of you might know that I am not a religious person. So I don’t believe in Easter in this way.

Fact is that Easter how ever we call it – Ostern in German, Eostre in Old-English, Paskha in Greek, or Pesah in Hebre – is a very special feast.

In our western world, despite the religious character, people decorate eggs, we hide eggs and chocolate for our childrenso that they can play egg hunt, and we make our children believe in Easter Bunny.

Decoration in the Mall Arcaden at Potsdamer Platz

The German word Ostern is related to an old German word “Austro” which means Aurora or Dawn.

No matter what you believe … this time of the year is the beginning of something new.

Winter is over, sun is back, tree get their leaves back, flowers are blooming … we are celebrating spring.

So lets celebrate the light of our life together.

Happy Easter my friends.


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8 thoughts on “Happy Easter – Frohe Ostern …

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  3. Love your way of looking at Easter, “No matter what you believe … this time of the year is the beginning of something new.”

  4. Loved the pictures of the eggs they are beautiful. Happy Easter to you.

  5. jackvsage on said:

    Those eggs are gorgeous!

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