What do Blog Readers love?

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First of all I want to thank everybody of you … you made it happen the tremendous, glorious success this blog achieved at Easter. We jumped over the 5,000 hits in total mark on Easter Sunday. The blog was launched on July 23 in 2011!

Now we are chasing the 5,100. I am honored, I am flattered and I am happy about it.

But when staring at the stats … and sometimes I do that in a boring and sleepless night, you easily see that there are great differences in daily hits. Every time you, my dear and esteemed reader, come over here and read my humble thoughts the blogging software counts you in.

Lets take a closer look at the some days:

Date Hits Post
April 8 46 Happy Easter
April 6 21 Font of the Week – Sabon
April 5 38 Top10Graphics
April 4 57 Everyone has Talent
Women’s Wednesday
April 3 33 TipTuesday
Picture Cropping
April 1 24 Scenic Sunday
March 30 23 Font of the Week – Chocolate Drops
March 29 33 Favorite Graphic Tools
March 27 45 Right Tag
March 24 49 Well, did you evah?
March 23 38 Commenting Issues
March 20 58 Blogging with Schedule

You see! It seems that my readers don’t like the Fonts as much as I do! They seem to jump in personal stuff – the cats and dogs thing – and technical stuff.

What does it mean for a blog written by a graphic designer?

Do I need to change the blog topic? Or do I need to pic different subjects on graphic design?

On my agenda are photoshop tips as wished by Melissa Barham and wordpress plugins like GASP as wished by Shawn Snyder.

What would you like to read about or read more about?


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8 thoughts on “What do Blog Readers love?

  1. codiart on said:

    Hi Helen congrats to your hits, ofcourse I will like You on Facebook, would You do the same for me? I would apreciate that. Greetings from Coby

  2. I think most people don’t know what they can do with fonts. Maybe a post on how to use them would be appropriate. The posts that are getting the most hits are the ones people can read the title and be intrigued by.

    You never know what works without testing. I thought my post series on Dealing with non-supportive spouses would go over VERY well. Not so much. Who knew?

    • thanks for your thoughts nicole 🙂
      yes maybe an article about fonts in general might be good … i was too naive to think that people knew what they need fonts for …

      what i see is the things that word make an design blog obsolete,
      i can do a techy blog instead! 😛

      for your non-supportive spouses series: nice idea, personally i was not so tracked inside, maybe because i don.t have a spouse, neither supportive nor non-supportive!

      thanks for sharing your thoughts

  3. Now, for the next mountain— 25000!
    Congratulations, and may the progress accelerate.

  4. Put in my 2 cents already. Congrats on your success. You deserve it.

    • thank you dear – and i have mentioned your 2 cents (which are much appreciated) already and i will follow that too 🙂

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