Hold your breath – GASP

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We are all afraid of spam. Spam is not only that nasty meaty stuff in cans or the sketch by Monthy Pythons …

… it is the plague of modern web communication.

Everybody wants to flood your site with undesidered links. Click me click me, they shout.
So we need a gate, a wall to keep them away.
There are several possibilities to protect your blog – even on not self hosted blogs.

1. Settings

go to SettingsDiscussion – and check that tiny little box:
“Comments will be checked by admin before publishing”.
You have to read and check every comment and then approve it!

2. Aksimet

WordPress.com hosted blogs come along with a software called Aksimet.
It works ok after you have activated it. But you have to clean up the spam folder now and then. Sometimes I have to rescue some friends from the bottom of the spam folder.

3. Plugins

If you have a self hosted wordpress blog, you have eve more possibilities.
You can install several anti-spam plugins.
Antispam Bee is pretty nice, a German product wich can be easily configured.

All these plugins and settings come to work after your reader or resident spammer has set up her message!

Hold your breath

There is a possibility to clear the mess before damage has be done.
GASP – Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

gasp plugin

Now everybody has to check that little box to proof the humanity of the poster!

What is your favorite antispam weapon?


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17 thoughts on “Hold your breath – GASP

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  3. Thanks for this post Helen!
    I’d heard of GASP and was considering using it as I find Akismet isn’t catching much spam at all.
    Now I know how simple GASP is I will install it tonight.
    Cheers, Caylie

    • aksimet is marking some of my friends being spammers … so that is a bad job!
      i wish that wordpress.com would include hot plugins like gasp or antispam bee

  4. christinebrady on said:

    Hi Helen,

    I like the GASP one – I don’t use it, but will look into it.

    Anything we can do to combat all of the useless, data-wasting comments on our blogs!

    Thank you for sharing,


    • you are welcome … tell us about the experiences with gasp when you have looked into it.
      for my site: it seems not to work with the antispam bee.

  5. Thank you dear for your post. Now we all know more about GASP!

  6. I love your photo with the blog! Really caught my eye. Spam is icky…I try to stay away from it.LOL…
    Seriously…askimet and keeping an eye on it work for me..Great thoughts here!

    • thank you 🙂
      have to admit i did that pic on purpuse 🙂 mission achieved!

      isn.t it great that we have so many possibilities to kick out spam?
      so everybody can find something she likes 🙂

  7. Touch wood 🙂 I’ve never had a problem with spam. Perhaps spammers don’t like knitting lol

  8. Touch wood 🙂 I ‘ve never had a problem with spam. Perhaps spammers don’t like knitting lol

  9. I use askimet. Works pretty good. I rarely have false positives but do have to check periodically for false negatives.

  10. carolinaheartstrings on said:

    Thanks this is helpful. I will forward to Tammie whose husband does our techy stuff. Hate spam. Funny, we did a post on spam too and put in the Monty P video. It’s a real hoot.

    • just when i hear that word spam, that monty python.s video comes to my mind!
      so it is so well connected all over the world with it.

      love xoxo

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