Top Commented Blog Posts Ever

Today’s ranking consists of the top commented blog posts on this blog ever.
I am very proud of them and I am proud and happy about your comments!
Fantastic job ladies and gentlemen.


Help the Commenter

9 Comments on “how to help our commenter to comment”


Spring is in the Air

10 Comments for William Wordsworth worthy words on daffodils.


Font of the Week (9) – Dingbats

Dingbats can be fun and you commented 12times on the fun.


Women’s Wednesday – Everyone has Talent

Miss Erica Jong is of similar popularity on this blog. 12 comments for her quote and my thoughts. Btw. I brought 2 books of her home from the library yesterday. “Fear of flying” and “Fear of Fifty” … started reading the later one already and she just pulled me in … love it.


Well, did you evah?

We are usually so strict on topic but the “learn more stuff about me that I even didn’t wanted to know” seemed having pulled a trigger and you commented 13times on that.


Hold your breath – GASP

TipTuesday is one of my favorite category and having some advices on wordpress are great for me too, so thanks for 15 comments on anti-spam.


How to make your picture feel comfortable

Same as I said above, although this was the more advanced tip, but thanks again for 15 comments.


Commenting or not commenting?

One of the Top10 category trying to give an answer on the tricky issue whether to comment or not to comment … you chose to comment 16 times.


Blogging via Schedule

… or how to plan a blog post … tip tuesday.
Thanks for making this the top commented post I have ever written. 18 comments on this.
Thanks so much.


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4 thoughts on “Top Commented Blog Posts Ever

  1. Reviewing our best loved blogs is a great self motivator isn’t it? Keep up the good job!

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