Walking West East

Another Scenic Sunday– today I am going to show you some pictures I took recently while strolling around Berlin with some friends.

We made a little walk from Potsdamer Platz to Brandenburger Tor – Brandenburg Gate.
Man, I am always so impressed when approaching the gate.
This time it was early evening, light started to fall and the atmosphere just made me WOW.

We walked through the gate. And although I have been raised in the so called West and always lived in the western part of Berlin since I moved here, it still makes me goose bumps when walking through the gate. Neither western nor eastern German people were allowed to walk through the gate.

The pictures have been taken on the Western side and while walking through the gate and a view from the East.

Brandenburg Gate – Western View

View underneath the Gate




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10 thoughts on “Walking West East

  1. Those pictures are so awesome. I’m embarressed to say how little I know about my ancestor’s country and history.

    • thank you shawn 🙂
      don.t be embarressed … nobody can know everything
      but maybe now and then i have some pix with a little information to improve mine, ruth.s, your, everybody else’s knowledge 🙂
      will be fun doing the research

  2. Looking forward to my next Berlin walking tour 🙂
    Such an interesting history of east & west in Berlin… have you blogged about that yet? Hope you having good week. Thanks for sharing fab photos.

    • you will be welcome for a history-walk ;D
      i haven.t yet wrote about that. i am not sure if everybody is so interested in it – beside you and me 🙂

  3. Hello Helen,
    Thanks for stopping my blog and commenting on “confidence is an inside job.” Yes, my friend had natural confidence. I learned rather quickly how to be confident about me and my possibilities.

    I must confess, Berlin was never on my radar as a place of interest to visit. However, your pictures sent a subliminal invitation. Thanks for stimulating my curiosity and expanding my awareness of the beauty of Berlin.

    Keep on keeping on!

    • dear adalia
      thank you for stopping by!
      glad that you have been able to master the confidence thing … i am still struggling.

      stay tuned in … there will be even more subliminal invitations to visit berlin 🙂

  4. codiart on said:

    Hi Helen, Lovely Blog I like Berlin!! Aber es ist schon sehr lange her das ich da war, noch vor der Mauerfall. gruesse coby

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