Books or E-books … that’s the Question!

Is that really the question? Caylie of Better Business Better Life brought this up recently, and we all have to admit we can ignore the existence of e-books.
To say I am ambivalent on that matter is not true. I have a strong opinion, but I divide my opinion in two parts.

old library

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The private Helen just loves the real book.
Just remember your childhood days. You have recently learned how to read and now you are torn into a complete new world. In the evening, in your bed, underneath the blanket, just you, the torch and the book. Doesn’t that bring back cozy cozy memories?
To me it does!
And I still like to read in bed. Or sit on the sofa on a rainy day, just me, a cup of tea, cat on my lap and a book in my hand. I can spend hours this way.
And I really can’t imagine that sitting on the very sofa in the same situation with an ipad in my hand, reading.
It doesn’t bring the same cozy and comfortable feeling.
A book and a library is like a treasure chest for me. And visiting the library every month is treasure hunting. You will never know what you will bring home.

Then there is business Helen, who also designs books.
Since I am not familiar with kindle and stuff, I am a bit old fashioned in that regard too.
E-book means a PDF being read on your computer, at least to me.
The creating process is similar to the process laying out a book that is supposed to be printed. You should keep in mind that it will be read on the monitor or at least printed with the home printer. So some necessary adjustments for high-resolution printing don’t have to be done.
Yes I see the market for e-books. And it makes publishing easier for special niche books.
I have read e-books; actually I read my newspaper online every day. But it is a different feeling.

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Even if people claim that you can have a whole library on your ipad … some people store about 2,000 books on their ipad.
Great you have access all the time.
Yes it might be easier to read while commuting.

Is it the same feeling than exploring your bookshelves? In my case, my whole library is about 2,000 books, and I would be able to carry them around all the time.
But hey … I prefer standing in front of the shelves looking for that little book with the pink cover. I doubt that any tablet computer or e-book reader will give me the same feeling!
What do you think?


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12 thoughts on “Books or E-books … that’s the Question!

  1. lizfruitberry on said:

    Reblogged this on LIZ'S CAFE and commented:
    Let’s bring back books!

  2. lizfruitberry on said:

    Books… My iPhone and laptop hurt my eyes. Plus actually reading a full book makes me feel smart. No idea why. However, read way more on iPhone than thought I would. Convenience I guess. Great Post,,, I am going to reblog. Best post I read today!

  3. it’ll always be BOOKS over ebooks for me. I can see why some people like having their kindles and whatnot, but truth is: it’s just not for me. sure, when researching for essays I’ve worked with pdf files / ejournals and the like but that still hasn’t replaced me getting books out of the library because I feel that it does have an impact on how we learn and remember things. – I spend so much time on my laptop hence reading all sorts of stuff online… so maybe that’s my way of “making up” for that: physical books forever and ever and ever. just the other day I walked into my favourite bookstore..looking for one book..didn’t find that particular one and instead walked out with 5 different books. that says it all…….

    • i know your love for books dear.
      it is amazing 🙂
      i think i rather have my son reading an ebook than not reading … but reading a paper book is even better 🙂

  4. The private Helen and the private Shawn should go bookstore browsing together. I love the smell of old books. I love to walk into a bookstore and just smell like you it brings such joyful childhood memories. Since reading is how I escaped alot of drama in my childhood a book is a life saver to me. I do understand having books on tablets and reading an ebook. But to me that is only for business or non-fiction. If I want a good story it has to be a physical book. I think only readers can understand this.

    • i guess shawn and helen could have heaps of fun in bookstores 🙂 i am more in book shoping than in clothes shoping
      i have some old books from my grandfather and from my former father in law.
      precisous stuff … sure they could be transformed into ebooks too but what a difference that would be.

      it seems as if reading and books is a similiar hot topic than eating … quite interesting.

  5. I cant read on an Ipad, its cumbersome, heavy and hurts my eyes after a while.
    A Kindle on the other hand is light, book size and most importantly not backlit (ie it doesnt hurt your eyes)

    When I read, I get transported into the authors world, so to me it does not make a difference whther it is on paper, or on screen, as long as my eyes do not hurt, then I can keep going.

    I blogged something similar to you but with a slightly different slant.

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