You think that I’m strong …

Actually today I wanted to post another great interview by one of my sisters. Yet, there are no interviews in line these days, so heads up ladies: be my interview.
Then I thought about a quote by a great woman, like the other Wednesday by Erica Jong.
No I am not in the mood for that.
Life is a bit more than rough this week. I don’t want to complain, at least I could! But I don’t have the power for my usual bloggy techy graphic mojo. It is gone. Hopefully I will find it again. If you see it, snap it and send it ASAP back to me.
All day I am thinking of a song by a well-liked musician.

You think that’s I’m strong, you’re wrong.
Robbie Williams

Sometimes I am so fed up with the social mask, we usually wear.
When people ask us how we are, we rather lie than telling the truth.
The truth, that we are not feeling well, that we are not that strong as society expects us to be.
All of us are doing her/his best to survive, to function, to get the kids to school on time, to have dinner ready, to clean the cat box, to walk the dog ……
… but usually we forget about ourselves.
We pretend to be stronger than we are.
We pretend to be strong because we think life expects us to be strong.

Today I have to admit: I am not that strong as life wants me to be. I am not strong!
Maybe again tomorrow …


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8 thoughts on “You think that I’m strong …

  1. Hang in theire my friend, the strength will & does return….. in the mean time your presence, comments and blog posts are giving strength to others : )
    Great robbie song!

  2. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    Must be in the air. Having trouble here too. Pray you will find your way out of the funk soon.

  3. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    It must be in the air. Having trouble here too. I pray you find your way out of your funk soon.

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