Sing, when you are …

This week is somewhat extraordinary, personally very stressful, so I hope you will forgive, that I am off-track on-track.
Some good news: today we hit the 5,500 🙂
I am so happy about that.
Time for party. Some Top10Songs that make me smile, dance, sing, relax.
Style is very mixed, I am a rock-pop-country-jazz-flowerpower-hippy-something-girl.

Keep on the Sunny Side of Life
June Carter Cash

Help me make it through the night
Kris Kirstofferson/Rita Coolidge

Searching my Soul
Vonda Shepard

Hooked on a Feeling
Vonda Shepard

Robbie Williams

Dust in the Wind

California Dreaming
Mamas & Papas

You are the Why
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

Like Ice in the Sunshine


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4 thoughts on “Sing, when you are …

  1. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Very nice list! I would def also have ‘Feel’, my Mamas & Papas track would be ‘Make your own kind of music’… Some here I don’t know & I will certainly be exploring…

    • oh yes michele, please explore and let me know what your songs of choice would be 🙂
      meanwhile i have figured out that i like different songs for different occasions … and some songs are unbearable when i am in a specific mood

  2. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    Hope things get better soon. I think you have good news with your count and you have good friends. Take care

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