Scenic Sunday in Menden

Today I am welcoming you again in my hometown Menden.

As I told you before Menden is a somewhat old town … its origin lays about 9th century when Menden first was mentioned in documents.

And Menden is a very green town. One of her slogans are “Menden – town in forest”.

So we are walking a bit through a part of the forests of my hometown. This very part is called “Kapellenberg” – Chapel’s Hill. It got its name after a little chapel on the hill which is vowed to St. Antonius. You see Menden is not only old and green but also Catholic.

Near that chapel you find a little well.

Forest Well

On the way to the chapel … view towards some old houses which used to be next to the town wall – houses are still there but town wall is gone.

On our way back to the center of the town.

You view over the hills towards the major church of Menden vowed to St. Vincent – Vinzenzkirche.

Vinzenzkirche – Church St. Vincent



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8 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday in Menden

  1. carolinaheartstrings on said:

    Is the town in the forest or the forest in the town? Hmmm…. sound a bit like Roy here, lol… Truly beautiful Helen.

  2. Lovely! I’d so love to be back near a forest. Moving to my current home was a big, big change for me. These area lovely photos and truly make me miss the wonderful green-ness of my home town.

    • i understand what you mean.
      although berlin is also greener than … maybe las vegas (never been there) … it is a difference to menden.
      menden is hilly, berlin is flat!

  3. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    How pretty. I do love all the green.

  4. Lovely photo’s

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