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Recently my friend Alessa of Carolina HeartStrings asked me to share a typically German recipe with them for their April series of international cuisine.

Sure I love to share, but she got me thinking as well.
Typically German kitchen … not so easy these days and not so easy at all when you are a vegetarian like I am.

Guess I have solved the “problem” pretty well by sharing my family’s Carrot Hot-Pot recipe with Alessa and Tammie.

It was a pleasure doing all the pictures and the cooking for them. Hope you will enjoy too.
Just hopp over to their site.
And don’t forget to tell me, what you think is typically German cooking.


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2 thoughts on “Be my guest

  1. carolinaheartstrings on said:

    Thanks for the link and for helping us out on international. You raised a very good point in your post about the nature of the German kitchen. We always assume that America is a “melting pot” of international influences, but world-wide and probably in Europe in particular boarders have ceased to exist on many levels – especially culinary!

    Thanks again Helen.

    • the pleasure is on my side 🙂
      so great to share posts and recipes and views.

      usually when talking to people about “typically german kitchen” they use to reply: pork and sauerkraut
      i just want to make the point: it is much much more!

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