How to lose the blogging mojo and get it back again

graphic design mojoFirst I have to admit, I love the word “Mojo”. For my German ears it sounds mysterious. As if it is something very special.
Everybody uses it these days. There seems to be a mojo for nearly everything. Maybe there is one for my kitchen as well? My kitchen has lots its mojo as well.

Mojo is a magical charm bag used in hoodoo, which has transmuted into a slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal.”

Back to blogging mojo

As some of my readers I am on a challenge – the Ultimate Blog Challenge – one post each day. So in April I need to write and post 30 posts in 30 days.
Today should be post number 23, but actually this one is number 22.
I love writing and I love blogging for sure, but this feeling, this obligation … heck … I don’t want it.
So everybody is eager to learn how to blog fast, maybe we should call that “Speed Blogging” – like “Speed Dating”.
Doing a proper blog about at least a bit design, takes its time. Not writing is my major challenge, creating all the lovely graphics I think I need is the challenge.
Doing graphic design in less than 10 minutes? Might be possible!
Will it be good graphic design? I doubt it.
So how to get back to mojo?
Tiny little steps, and don’t force yourself.
Maybe in the afternoon I have a brilliant idea and than I am back on track!
Otherwise … heck … we are all human … and life and business is more important, than a challenge!


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19 thoughts on “How to lose the blogging mojo and get it back again

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  2. Hi Helen,
    Your mojo will definitely come back. Just get away from the computer for a bit and it will make a world of difference. I love you social icons and blog schedule images. I assume you created them yourself. NICE!
    Cheers, Caylie

    • thank you caylie
      yes i did them myself 🙂

      i don.t mind being at the computer … but writing .……… maybe i should do something different than writing …

  3. I love the word mojo too. One of my most popular ezines over time was – How to Get Your Mojo Back. My blogging mojo and mind are a little weary as we are in the last week of the blog challenge. I’m taking baby steps and also realize that I want to keep the quality in my content, so if I need a day off to do that, I will take the day off.

    • that.s another challenge we have to meet every day: quality vs quantity.
      allowing oneself to step back when it is necessary is very helpful!
      to me it makes it so much easier.

  4. I think one of the things I am learning is that it can actually be DIS-advantageous if we force more blog posts than we can provide quality for. Sometimes it means creating our own personal challenge within the scope of the bigger challenge.

    • i think sometimes it is a challenge to listen to the inner voice, which whispers: stop, sit down, have a cup of tea instead (or a carrot hotpot ;D)
      we usually think that giving in is unproductive … but giving in helps us to be more productive the other day!

  5. I often find myself hunting down the mojo. I can almost imagine it, small, furry, cute and great big eyes that have that surprised look. I often find the lanky, slouchy and disheveled procrastination instead, he’s much easier to spot. 😉

    • yes mojo is shy and procrastination is his bigger cousine!
      procrastination is so happy to sit on our porch and therefore he is so easily to spot!

  6. I think you need to gobble up your carrot hotspot- it’ll restore your inners…

  7. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    My mojo has left the building. I go out on the net looking for ideas and creative help. Once I get alittle spark I work to fill in the paragraphs and somehow it all comes out.

  8. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Great advice, Helen. Thanks for this post – I sure lost my blogging mojo for a while but, hey, it came back!!

    • sometimes the mojo is a very shy creature and tends to hide … we don.t know where … but relaxing and a bit patience … and it comes back.
      glad it found you again michele 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing the mofo definition, I seem to be using the word a lot myself and is good to know what it means!
    Aye, we only human – I didn’t even manage ‘Scenic Sunday’ yesterday and that should be easy enough. Have a great week 🙂

    • sometimes i like to look up definitions.
      and i have seen you using this word a lot … i like it 🙂 (the word and you using it!)

      so share humanity with me 🙂

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