10 Fonts, 10 Places, 10 Bridges

There fonts that have the same name as place: Berlin, BerlinSans, Berliner, Frankfurter, Gettysburgh, Monaco …
So I have chosen 10 fonts out of 500 I guess, I have found pictures of the places or cities they seem to represent and I have decided to show bridges, that can be found in Berlin, Miami, Minneapolis or Dallas.
So enjoy 10 Fonts of 10 Places and the very bridges.

BerlinSans – Berlin
Swinemünder Bridge

Grafik Design Berlin

© Helen Bogun / Helz-Design

BrooklynKid – New York-Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge

Dallas – Dallas
Highway bridges

MiamiNights – Miami
Keywest Bridge

Frankfurter – Frankfurt
Main Bridge

Golden Gate – San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

Houston – Houston
Highway Bridges

Ireland – Ireland
Ha’penny Bridge

© Bev Lloyd-Roberts / http://www.sxc.hu/profile/BeverlyLR

London – London
Tower Bridge

© Jelmer Rozendal / http://www.sxc.hu/profile/Jelmer

Minneapolis – Minneapolis



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10 thoughts on “10 Fonts, 10 Places, 10 Bridges

  1. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    Why didn’t you say you were coming to Dallas? You could of stayed with us. lol And our bridges are that ugly. Fun read.

    • i don.t mind ugly bridges … thanks for the offer … one day i have to visit my friend scott in dallas and my friend shawn close to dallas 🙂 will be fun i guess

  2. Great post! love the bridges and the fonts

  3. codiart on said:

    Nice blog Helen was a lot of work.

  4. carolinaheartstrings on said:

    Great choices, great images. I Love, Love, Love bridges. Always have. Visually and symbolically. Enjoyed your post.

    • thank you alessa 🙂
      bridges are awesome … my favorite is the golden gate 🙂 … not talking of the symbolically ones

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