Time for a Hobby

Saturday – time for leisure even in the toughest business.
Since we are still on the Ultimate Blogging Challenge the Saturday is not silent as usual. So lets have some words about hobbies.
Besides photography, which is great when being outside, I love to knit in the evening while watching a bit TV. Knitting is also great when commuting, riding busses or travel via train. Usually socks are my favorite knitting object.

helz-desgin, socks, graphic desig

My biggest hobby, ok second biggest next to graphic design, is sewing.
Now and then I buy some fancy fabric and make a shirt for myself. Or do a nice costume for the son – for Halloween.

helz-design, graphic design, sewing

What is your favorite hobby?
What do you do to relax?


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14 thoughts on “Time for a Hobby

  1. showard76 on said:

    I could never get knitting right, I would go from knitting too tight to too loose so things came out all wonky, lol I have preferred Cross-Stitch. But overall I have jumped from one hobby to another and back again. My latest hobby is jewellery making! 🙂

    • jewellery making sounds awesome.:) i would love to do that too.
      all i am able to do is to row some little pearls on a thread, but i fail by making ends properly!

  2. I have tried to teach myself to knit several times — I mean, I enjoy it but I don’t make the time then the projects sit and I get SO irritated with myself. I love the socks, great colors!

    Did you sew your dress in that photo? It is lovely! I have to agree with the previous commenter about your hair. 🙂 I enjoy sewing as well, I actually DO make time for that. This last halloween I sewed up my little ones costumes — My 4 year old was “Peter Pan” and the 3 year old was a Skunk. Sewing is really enjoyable and relaxing to me.

    Perhaps one day I’ll actually finish the last scarf I started… *sighs*. 😉

    • my german teacher in highschool taught me to knit properly. and my sister taught me to knit socks!
      socks are quite easy and you can take them with you, everywhere you go.
      lovely thing is, the pattern of the socks comes with the wool. it is colored that way :).

      yes i sewed that dress in the photo. unfortunately it doesn.t fit anymore :(.
      thanks about the hair 🙂

      sewing is pretty relaxing. to me it is kind of meditation.
      would love to see the costumes of your little ones 🙂

      scarf: maybe one day? have a little chat with a friend and knit while chatting 🙂

  3. I crochet, flower garden (in season), blog and play an online game called FarmVille. Although, FarmVille may be more nn obsession than a hobby. I did crochet a lot more before the Internet came along 😦

    • the tributes of the internet … we all did a lot more other things before internet came along.
      heard about those games like famrville … no i won.t get into them … no no … i might not find out again ;D

  4. As you know I’m always knitting but I also like to sew I’m in the middle of making myself a new skirt, bought the material last year and am only just getting around to doing something with it :). I also like to cook , although not really cooking today I made my own yoghurt, it’s the first time I tried it and it turned out really good. No more store bought yoghurt for me! 🙂

    • yes i remember the times of making yoghurt my own as well … these days i am not happy with the milk.
      show me a picture of the skirt when it is ready. i need to sew a kind of dress or tunic and a kind of coat-jacket for a wedding in july. nothing too fancy but something nice 🙂

  5. I love to read. Oh, I could read and read and read for hours and hours on end! Yes, it’s great to have some downtime.

    Thanks for the lovely images – and imagery!


    • thank you for stopping by dee 🙂
      reading is great 🙂 and today i am taking a lovely afternoon reading and knitting on the sofa

  6. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    My hobbies are reading and gardening. If I want to relax I grab a book. I’m trying to read more for work but that isn’t relaxing to me my mind has to work. Relaxing is grabbing a big old paperback of fiction and loosing myself in the story.

    • i love reading too – so much kind of my nature that i wouldn.t consider it as a hobby, as well as i won.t consider breathing or eating as a hobby.
      can get lost in a story too 🙂 (we have that bookstore date right?)

  7. carolinaheartstrings on said:

    No wonder you and Dianne connect so well 🙂 Knitting while commuting? You are brave…. I love the long hair in your picture, btw.

    • dianne is so much better in knitting – much better than i ever will be.
      no problem to knit on a train or bus here … wouldn.t do it when the train is packed that you hardly can stand.

      thanks … usually i have my hair pinned up … but when going out, it comes down as on the photo 🙂

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