Scenic Sunday in Menden (2)

Our walk is not yet over.

We are again exploring Menden … there are so many pictures I would love to show you.

Maybe now, since I am not living there anymore and my parents are both dead it is a kind of bitter sweet memory I am sharing with you.

Today is the  1st anniversary of my Mom’s death.

My Mom
Walburga Stockebrand
1930/10/2 – 2011/4/29
at her 80th birthday

I had the pleasure to take the pictures 2 years ago while my mom was still able to make slow walks with her dog and me.

When taking the picture of the river Hönne and the mill creek she was with me.

River Hönne

Mühlenbach – Mill Creek

Have a look at my old school.

It was and is still run by nuns. Did I mention that Menden is a Catholic town?

And here we have a view from Chapel’s Hill towards the other side – Waldemei.



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6 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday in Menden (2)

  1. carolinaheartstrings on said:

    Sweet picture of your mother. Sad day for you I’m sure. Hold on the the happy memories. As always, love your picture of your beautiful country. Especially anything where water runs through!

  2. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    So sorry about your mom. Bittersweet memories. Thank you for sharing them with us. Love the beauty of the pictures you have shared.

  3. Love the photo of your Mum. Thinking of you on this anniversary day. Big hugs x

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