Oops … I did it Again … for the 3rd Time!

Ultimate Blogging Challenge
Again I proudly announce “Mission completed” of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

30 days of blogging – 30 posts – one post each day.
And this post is my 300 post all in all.

What a lovely day … celebrations all over the bloggosphere.

Big thank you to everybody – the hosts Michelle Shaeffer and Michelle Scism, and all the lovely people who have read and commented my blog.

It was really a blast … and the party still goes on.

Challenge goals

30 posts in 30 days


Making 5000 total hits


Making 5500 total hits


getting lovely comments


making this challenge a success



I have achieved more than just one goal of my challenge.


My stats increased! I started my blog by end of July 2011. The big hits in on one lovely autumn day in October have been my lovely sister strolling around.

You see the increasing the last 4 weeks while being on the challenge.

Today we all will jump over the 5900 view mark.

I am totally thrilled.


You can see a steadily increasing since I first started to be part of the blogging challenge in October 2011 (yes that peak is again my sister). Like a lovely soft staircase it is developing.


April 2012 has been so far the best month ever – you viewed it 1142 times this months.

You even decided to think FontFriday can be interesting.

Thank you


  • for all the comments,
  • for reading my blog,
  • for being here.


I would like to see you again at the next UCB in July 2012.

Be there: reading, commenting, sharing the love.

But most of all: be there blogging!

It is so worthwhile and so much FUN!

Don’t miss that!


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12 thoughts on “Oops … I did it Again … for the 3rd Time!

  1. Helen, congratulations on completing another challenge. It was the first time for me and an interesting experience. Thanks for helping to make that experience worthwhile too.

  2. Congratulations! That’s a fantastic result.

    I’m so happy to have “met” you and your blog. I enjoyed the reads and the gorgeous graphics.

    See you around, and definitely in July 🙂


  3. Great Job Helen!! I really enjoyed reading your posts! See you in July!!

  4. christinebrady on said:

    Hi Helen,

    Great results! Guess there’s a reason they say content is king!


  5. theoddcoupleblogcom on said:

    Yay! You did it. I’m so happy its over. This is my 2nd challenge and this one I struggled. But I’ll be back in July. But I’ll see you here tomorrow. 😎

    • my 2nd challenge in january was also a huge struggle for me.
      maybe we should create some badges: golden one for the one who made it, silver for 20 posts and bronze for 10 posts and a lovely green one for “attend”

      see you here and there tomorrow 🙂

  6. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Wow! That is seriously impressive, Helen Well done!

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