Scenic Spring and meeting a Swan

A little walk in my neigborhood.
Passing the “Fließ” and strolling over to lake Hermsdorf meeting a Swan.
Those places are about 5 to 10 minutes walk away from my house.

hermsdorf, graphic design

Fließ @ Hermsdorf

Hermsdorf, graphic design

Fließ @ Hermsdorf

Hermsdorf, Graphic Design

Hermsdorf, Graphic Design

Lake Hermsdorf

Hermsdorf, Graphic Design

Here comes the Swan

Hermsdorf, Graphic Design

His Highness

Hermsdorf, Graphic Design

Bye bye again


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2 thoughts on “Scenic Spring and meeting a Swan

  1. codiart on said:

    Hi Helen, What graceful Swan, very nice. greetings

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