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Recently Sangeetha Venkatakrishnan, a member of the UltimateBlogChallenge group at Facebook commented on a blog post promotion of mine:

I love the pictures Helen! By the way, Great if you can share a post on how you manage your time and post every single day! Awaiitng….

To me it is not a mystery how to be able to blog every day.  Meanwhile it is a habbit.

What helps me?

Blogging Schedule

First of all my blogging schedule. It is much easier for me to focus when I know what will be the category of the day. Today we are celebrating “Musing Monday” … hey and that makes me muse about time management.

The blog schedule gets me structured.

So at the beginning of the month I sit down on one afternoon to preschedule the non-heavy posts like:

Scenic Sunday, I collect a couple of nice pictures I want to show my readers and so woop 4 posts of the month done!

Silent Saturday: actually meant to be silent, but I like to wish everybody a happy weekend = another 4  done.

Wordless Wednesday: similar procedure … coz I usually present one graphic of mine without words. By the moment I am alternating with Women’s Wednesday, but so it means 2 posts prescheduled. At the beginning of May I had the lovely interview by Jamie Saloff already on my HD, so I prescheduled that as well, as I had promised Jamie.

At this special point on May 1st, which was a lazy holiday in Germany, I had already 11 posts for May done. Then I made a rough post for the very day “Tip Tuesday” = post 12. It was an urgent inquiry by my friend Ruth Seba, so I scheduled the actual idea for tomorrow.

That made 4 Sundays, 4 Saturdays, 3 Wednesdays (2 Wordless 1 Woman) and 2 Tuesdays = 13 Posts all done on May 1.

No secret, just a little structure. And I usually write my posts in my morning, schedule them around 4pm – my German readers are close to home-time, the UK readers don’t have to wait that much, Australia is in the late evening and America and Canada is waking up.

But this system helps me to do the more heavy blog posts, like Font Friday. I love it, but that is really much work for me! So I like to have some days when I don’t have to post due to prescheduled work, to work on such posts.

Working Self Employed

I think it also helps that I am working self employed for over 20 years now. And before that time, I was responsible for whole departments, which is a bit similar to being self employed.

I am single mom, my family is small: just one son and two cats.

Usually we have to get up by 6:15am, school starts at 8am.

After escorting my son to the bus stop by 7:10am, I come home, get me a lovely cup of tea and read the paper for 30 minutes – online.

I have always notepaper on my desk, which contains my to-do-list!

Today’s agenda:

  • making a logo
  • creating 3 special stand up displays for a café
  • keep on writing about business cards
  • create the online shop
  • cooking dinner for the son
  • doing the litter box of the cats

Stuff like laundry etc. goes by the weekend, as a side note.

I have to manage most of my work – the one which needs lot of brain – between 7:15am and 5pm, when the son comes home.

I am not sure if I speed up in a certain way, I just do it.

And beside all the battle plans and to-do-lists – you will never know, who will call you next and need your help!


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10 thoughts on “Time Managing

  1. christinebrady on said:

    Hi Helen,

    Time management is always something that I struggle with – I do pretty good one week and then get completely overwhelmed the next.

    But, I’m getting better – or getting better at realizing when I need to re-focus!

    Very inspiring Helen!


    • i have my failing days too christine 🙂
      but my to-do-list really helps me.
      and i am using ical and get reminded when i have an appointment.
      i schedule the reminders the way that i always have enough time to get read and catch the bus!

  2. Great post Helen! I love that you are using themes for set days of the week. I am currently testing that to see what response I get from my readers.

  3. Great post Helen! I love how you’ve selected themes for different days of the week. I am currently playing around with that to see the response of my readers.

  4. Love time management! It’s one of the things I’m truly great at and love to coach others to “manage” their time.

    • i had to learn that i am not bad at my time management – i know how to focus on the important and the urgent stuff.
      and i try to get some extra time with clever planing … like i did the blogging stuff for may!

  5. First, you provided us a travelog. Today, we provided us a worklog. Tomorrow?

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